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styled shoot bouquet with pastel wildflowers and colorful ribbon

Located on the beautiful Eastern Shore of Maryland, Wildly Native Flower Farm is a small (but ever growing!) family-owned flower farm and florist with a big vision, where it takes everyone working together to create success.

We connect with all of our products from literally the ground up, and love seeing every bloom that we grow find its way into someone’s home and heart!  So when you schedule a time to visit with us, we’ll walk our fields together and experience all of the scents, textures, colors, and more that a flower farm has to offer.  It is such a unique experience for brides, plant lovers, gardeners, nature enthusiasts, and all-around environmentally focused folks!

Providing locally grown and hand-picked seasonal florals in the peak of bloom is the foundation of who we are – whether for your wedding, a birthday, or just because!


Ever have a moment where you panic?

Yeah. I’ll be honest, that’s how we started.

For over 12. years, I was the agriculture teacher at our local High School and was growing flowers on the side. In one of those moments you never forget, I was standing in my classroom during lunchtime with my daughter Lizzy next to me when Rebecca, a former student, called me and asked us – “Hey, will you do flowers for my wedding?” Since she was one of my favorite students (yes as teachers we have favorites) I was like ummmmmm…..

…and in that pause Lizzy immediately and without any hesitation said emphatically YES!!!!

Meanwhile, I was panicking on the inside and thinking well, I have only grown flowers for wholesale, design is not my jam, but I told Rebecca we would sit and talk about everything over lunch soon.

Once I hung up I turned to look at Lizzy and was like “girl – what are you thinking?!” She said, “Mom. We have done flowers for years in competition for FFA, have done all these other flowers for dinners and other things so why not?”

With her design confidence my panic subsided, I then took a moment to think wait a minute, we CAN do this! The design side of Wildly Native was born. 

Through the Years

Take a trip down memory lane with us to see how far we’ve come!

The plants at Wildly Native Flower Farm are grown here right on the beautiful Eastern Shore of Maryland. For generations this farm has grown amazing things… from the crates of tomatoes that left stains on the floors of the old farm house in the early 1800’s, to the Christmas trees of my Pop-Pop and so many other crops from generations ago, Wildly Native Flower Farm focuses on hand-selected, in season flowers that are harvested at the peak of bloom. Locally sourced and delivered fresh minutes from the field instead of trucked in days away from locations far away.


I have been growing plants pretty much my whole life. It all started in the garden with my Mom  – I was always outside whenever possible or somewhere stuck in the mud! Flowers have always been my thing and I often convinced my folks to let me dig up “just a little section” to add some more flowers here and there in the yard. 


Lizzie was in school and did floriculture ag competition, which was great practice for what was to come!


We installed our road sign, managed through COVID and even had in-person classes! This is when Kenly joined our team as well as our first employee. And, our first 100′ Hoop House was installed! We also delivered our first out of state wedding to Corolla, NC!

Wreath Classes during COVID
Taste of the Wild Dinner


Nicole joined our team! We also refreshed our branding and brought in the purple we are known for now!


Seven years in, I still can’t believe this is my life! This year, we started our podcast called “The Flower Files” and updated our website to maximize our online orders!


For generations this small family farm has grown a variety of crops: the floors in the old farmhouse tell it best with the stains left by crates of tomatoes that used to be grown here before my Pop-Pop brought the first automatic hay baling machine to Kent County, this farm has always grown a variety of crops but done it a little different. While my Pop-Pop was remembered for his pipe, tractors, sense of humor, and of course, growing Christmas trees – he was always known first and foremost for being a farmer. Being in Ag was in my blood from day one!  Today, we still have the more traditional corn, soy, and wheat growing here on some parts of the farm.



A graduate of Delaware Valley University,  a Certified Professional Horticulturist, FFA Member, previous Ag Teacher, and all-around outdoorswoman, I love to be outside or in the garden. I learned to smell the flowers & in 2017 stepped into the adventure of growing plants on a larger scale and created Wildly Native.


We had our largest harvest to date, started doing local wholesale deliveries, had our FIRST holiday order (Mother’s Day) and our first styled shoot was published!

First hoop House
New Sign Installed
First Out of State Wedding with Lizzie holding arch piece on the beach


We trenched for water and electric for the tent patio and started exploring with design more — even with wearable flowers! We also hosted our first dinner at the Farm, Taste of the Wild!

Nicole Castelli, Employee at Wildly Native Flower Farm
2022 Rebrand of the Wildly Native Logo


Wildly Native was honored to be a part of the NGS Internship program! Lizzy graduated from DVU in May of 2023 and started working full time in the business!

The Flower Files Purple Round Logo

Meet The Team

Liza Goetz


Hey guys! Liza here from Wildy Native Flower Farm! For those of you who dont know me I am a local Flower Farmer, dog mom, Mother of 2 (who are too big for me to come to terms with), wife, Ice cream addicted 5K speed walker who happens to run a business where I get to make people smile. I have been growing plants pretty much my whole life. It all started in the garden with my Mom  – I was always stuck in the mud! A graduate of Delaware Valley University,  a Certified Professional Horticulturist, FFA Member, previous Ag Teacher, and all-around outdoorswoman, I love to be outside or in the garden. I learned to smell the flowers & in 2017 stepped into the adventure of growing plants on a larger scale and created Wildly Native. ​​

Lizzy Goetz Profile Picture

Lizzy Goetz

Chief of Design

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Flowers make everyone smile and Lizzy is no exception to this rule! Her knack for flower scents and color palettes always has her in the middle of everything we are working on in the field, the design room, and the greenhouse. Often heard “Oohing and Ahhing” over the flowers that start blooming, Liz is quick to comment on the subtle nuances of scent and colors in the field. A graduate of Delaware Valley University, her design skills are on point!  When not at work she is our number one fitness guru and is often found at the gym working out – in the weight room with the serious athletes! 

Nicole Castelli

Nicole Castelli

The Left & Right Hand!

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No matter what we need, Nicole is our right and left hand. Organizing all of the wedding needs and planning, she keeps us straight with our numbers of candles, styles of ribbon, all things contracts, and is always the one we go to when we have the “wait where did that go” question – logistics are her jam! Often on the calls with us as a team she always thinks of the details and questions we need to make sure everything runs smoothly. You can find her with a coffee in the morning to get her day started, and once we’re caught up on emails she switches gears and jumps in on the design side to create florals using her design degree from Cornell University. 


Kenly Gunther

Kenly Gunther

The Backbone

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Wait… seeds have bones? Every single seed planted is touched by her at one point – Kenly is the master of all things seeds. We plant everything by hand and it all starts with a single seed in the tray.  How does it get there? Kenly. Detail oriented and sometimes cross eyed from all the teeny tiny seeds, she works to ensure each seed is nestled into a prepared bed to promote growth. Without her? The whole operation wouldn’t work because what is a flower farm without flowers? She literally is the backbone of what we do. When Kenly is not here planting seeds, pulling weeds, or rolling around in the dirt, she is at home baking something delicious. So, whenever we need something sweet to snack on we ask Kenly (if you ever get a chance you have got to try her cinnamon rolls.) 


Sierra Duke

Sierra Duke

Plant Queen

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A green thumb and a fluffy heart, Sierra’s passions are as vibrant as her garden. With a degree in Ornamental Horticulture, she supported her love for cultivating beauty. Sierra’s skilled hands have helped many gardens bloom! She nurtures a house plant collection that would make any botanist envious. When she’s not tending to her leafy friends, you can find this nature lover bonding with her pet rabbits or spending quality time with family! Though her impressive achievements continue to grow, her warm smile remains a constant reminder that life’s real treasures are the people and plants we hold dear.



Amber Bryden

Head Seed Pod

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The one often found behind the scenes, Amber is the master of color-coordinated calendars and other organizational things. Considering she can give us day by day stats of the season we don’t mess with her knowledge of baseball ever! Goat yoga is her jam and she is the dog, duck, cat, rooster, lizard, (or whatever you throw at her) creature, whisperer. Not unusual to find her chatting with toads in the field, Amber encourages her four-legged friends to warn her if there are spiders near…


Cynthia Kendall

The Detail Queen

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Our cat loving, cigar smoking, baseball obsessing detail queen, Cynthia is the person we depend on for those last minute pieces as we pack up for the day. Need ribbon on boutonnieres? No problem. Need a tiny detail taken care of? DONE. Smiles and hugs on a rainy day, she’s here! During our busy season, she’s here making all of the behind the scene work possible! One of our best girls around, loving all of our flowers and ready for set-up always!

Will Goetz

Chief Tractor Driver

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General Operations – If it can be driven he is on it… Will is the “main man” behind the scenes. Tractor work, assembly of the greenhouse, digging, fixing things that break, and everything in between, he is the “go-to” man to get it accomplished! Most likely to be found outside, in the mud, fishing when he’s not working, on a mower, or tending the chickens, Will is the chief operator of the machinery here on the farm. Able to fix anything, he can be counted on to get it done! 


Farmers Market Face

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With her infectious smile and curly locks bouncing in the breeze, Renia is a ray of sunshine at the local farmers market. This bright and bubbly helper lends a hand setting up our stand, helping you select which flowers fit you best, and engaging with customers. Her friendly demeanor and passion for our fresh hand cut flowers, and handmade self care products has made her a beloved member of the market community. Though she may appear carefree, Renia works hard behind the scenes, ensuring shoppers leave satisfied. The farmers market just wouldn’t be the same without her trademark cheer and dedication. Though the farmers market is a whole job in itself, she does even more. Renia helps at the farm with anything you ask, like pulling weeds, spreading mulch, planting seeds and so much more, and she is always here to offer her warm hug and a good laugh. 




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Wildly Native is a Flower Farm located on the Eastern Shore in Chestertown, Maryland. Our passion for blooms extends beyond weddings and events; we offer floral arrangements, handcrafted self-care products, and engaging floral classes.

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