Hosts of the Flower Files Podcast together: Amber, Lizzy & Liza

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Join our team of flower lovers while they take you along their journey as flower farmer florists pursuing business, family, strategy, mother nature, wedding installs, and everything inbetween including fieldwork, floral design, all the way to the day of event execution.

The Flower Files Podcast is a weekly show that talks about all things flowers including the reality of flower farming, using locally grown flowers in wedding design, and other flower use with an environmentally focused perspective. It includes a variety of guests who are flower lovers, users, sniffers, and enthusiasts that will talk on a range of topics… depending on where the season takes us!

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Join Liza and the Wildly Native Flower Farm Team as we get real on The Flower Files as we share laughs and explore the behind-the-scenes reality of being flower farmers.

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Recently on the Podcast

Let’s Get Published in a Magazine with Jenn Quinn

Let’s Get Published in a Magazine with Jenn Quinn

Ever found yourself staring at a photograph, wondering about the story behind the smile or the location? This week, our vibrant guest Jennifer Quinn of Jen Quinn Creative and APG Media of Chesapeake, wields her artistic prowess to unravel the narrative threads of...

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Tractors, Tales, and Farmyard Follies

Tractors, Tales, and Farmyard Follies

Have you ever felt the thrill of mastering a machine that's key to taming the land? Come along as I, Amber, reminisce about my transition from a no-go on the lawnmower to becoming a collegiate tractor connoisseur. Joined by my friends Liza and Lizzie, we weave tales...

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A Wedding Recap: Annie and Al’s Wedding on 04.05.24

“They're like, oh yeah, it's out next to the petting zoo and I'm outside the whole time and I I don't see any animals anywhere at all.” - Lizzy Goetz When you think of a wedding day, you imagine a seamless event bathed in romance and joy. However, the reality behind...

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Sprouting Social Media: The Journey of a Flower Farmer

Ever thought about the magic hidden in a tiny seed? How it blooms into a beautiful flower and, sometimes, even becomes edible? Join us on a captivating journey as we unravel the realities of being flower farmers and florists. Listen to our growth story, how we clear misconceptions about flower farming, and of course, how we explain which flowers can be tickling your taste buds!

Navigating Event Planning: Insights from Carlos Lopez

Discover the extraordinary journey of Carlos Lopez, the self-made entrepreneur whose story is as captivating as it is inspiring. From his humble beginnings as a dishwasher to the proud proprietor of the charming Sherman Inn, Carlos’s story isn’t just about achieving success, but it’s about the resilience of the human spirit. Brace yourself to be moved by the tale of a man who transformed an elementary school into an event space and boutique hotel, and learn how his unique perspective on life and business can inspire your own journey.

Hosts of the Flower Files Podcast together: Amber, Lizzy & Liza


At The Flower Files, we’re passionate about bringing you fresh and inspiring content. But here’s the best part – we want YOU to be a part of the creative process! If you have a burning desire to hear us discuss a specific topic or if there’s someone you think would make an amazing guest on our podcast, we want to know!

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