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Welcome to the vibrant world of Wildly Native Flower Farm! Our blog is a treasure trove of resources, tips, and behind-the-scenes glimpses of life as a flower farmer awaits you.

Explore insightful articles that offer expert advice, discover handy tips for nurturing your own botanical haven, and delve into the captivating stories behind the scenes of our flower farm.  Join us on this journey as we celebrate the beauty of flower farming and share the joy of cultivating a connection with the natural world.

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A Candle Catalog: Wedding Reception & Events, How To!

Review what could go good, wrong, up or down regarding candles for a wedding reception. This will include information regarding venue rules, tapers, floating candles, combos, burn time, and what to do with them after your magical event! This is your guide for your wedding reception or events, we are here for your design, and how to tie it in simply with the light of a flame!

mini frame blue and white preserved flower frame

Wedding Bouquet Preservation: What to Do Next

So you’ve had your big day, bouquets are picked, corsages are counted, boutonnieres are matched to suit colors, table counts are complete. Now your flowers are sitting in their vase full of water (or out which isn’t good), now what? We have made a list of ideas, thoughts and guidance on wedding bouquet preservation. For those who want a forever keepsake of their bouquet. We’ve seen resin, pressed and floating frames, coffee tables, ornaments, you name it we have seen it.

cascading bouquet with gold and blue colors

Our Guide to Wedding Day Of Logistics

We have talked about your vision, you know your pieces are all coming together, and at this point you are waiting for final counts from RSVP’s for sure. I mean really?! Why don’t some people just RESPOND already!!! Here, we are going to talk about your big day of wedding logistics from top to bottom.

Recent Posts

The Art of Weaving SEO and Web Design with CJ Price

The Art of Weaving SEO and Web Design with CJ Price

“And that's kind of when I like to come in. I don't like building five page websites that are just like starter websites for people. I want to help people get to that next level.” - CJ Price  In our recent podcast episode, we were privileged to converse with CJ...

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Dried and Fresh Floral Wedding: Logan + Drew

Dried and Fresh Floral Wedding: Logan + Drew

Unlike anyone else's wedding, Logan wanted to incorporate dried and fresh flowers into the floral selections she chose. To mirror the fall season, she used touches of pink, yellows, and creams throughout. She wanted to include the memory of her grandfather, she wanted...

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Behind the Blooms: Unraveling the Floral Industry

Behind the Blooms: Unraveling the Floral Industry

Have you ever imagined the hustle and heart behind the bouquet you hold on your big day or the centerpieces that catch your eye at a lavish party? Join us as we unravel this world with our special guest, Coleen, a seasoned florist who walked the path from bridesmaid...

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A Reception Space from Start to Finish

A Reception Space from Start to Finish

When your guests walk into your reception space, whether it's an outdoor tent or inside of a ballroom, you have a unique moment to really set a scene that truly captures the theme and overall feel for your wedding in ways that your ceremony and personal florals aren’t...

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So we Planted some Flowers; Now what?

So we Planted some Flowers; Now what?

“It’s like the next storm could take the whole row out and that's my income.” - Amber Edwards When we consider the beauty that blooms from the earth, we do think about the journey it takes from a tiny seed to the stunning arrangements gracing our tables. Our latest...

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