Personal Florals

Personal Florals

All of those detail florals that you or someone in your wedding party can wear but you’re not sure what they’re called?  We call those the personals!  Boutonnieres and pocket squares for the guys, wrist corsages for moms and grandmothers, hair florals from combs to full crowns for all ages, and even dog collars for the Very Important Pups all fit in here!

Consider your Wedding Style

Some couples want to find unique ways to include family members or friends that aren’t traditional wedding party members, so adding personals are a great way to set them apart!

Season & Location

The hotter the weather, the harder it can be on some of these types of floral pieces.  Let’s discuss floral varieties and how we can make things that will fit your vision no matter the temperature!

Personal Preferences

Here’s where we look at florals through a few different perspectives: does Mom prefer a wrist corsage, or would she rather carry a small bouquet that she can set down; maybe you want Dad to have a different style boutonniere than the rest of the wedding party; or perhaps your officiant would look great with a floral hair comb to set her apart from the rest of your guests?

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Groom wearing Wildly Native Boutonniere
Groom wearing boutonniere by Wildly Native


Wildly Native Flower Corsage
Wildly Native Flower Corsage

Hair Pieces