Behind the Blooms: Unraveling the Floral Industry

Have you ever imagined the hustle and heart behind the bouquet you hold on your big day or the centerpieces that catch your eye at a lavish party? Join us as we unravel this world with our special guest, Coleen, a seasoned florist who walked the path from bridesmaid to floral industry maven. Brace yourself for a journey where we tackle the early struggles in the flower industry, the climb to success, and how technology has reshaped this vibrant trade.

We’ve all been bedazzled by the beauty of floral arrangements at events but have you ever thought about the industry that creates them? We dive deep into the realities of the floral industry, from the importance of a solid education and gaining hands-on experience, to understanding the power of a simple tool – the knife. Coleen shares her wisdom on the art of observation and how asking questions can lead to immense growth in this creative landscape. 

Flowers are more than their physical beauty; their scents evoke emotions, memories, and can tell their own unique stories. We delve into the beauty of garden roses and dahlias, and the power of scents through the eyes of Coleen, one of the first certified dealers of David Austin’s cut flowers. Together, we navigate floral design, trends, industry challenges, and the satisfaction of creating something beautiful. Get ready for an enlightening journey through the floral industry that you won’t forget. Let’s bloom together in this episode of Flower Files.

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