Elegance in Ink: The Transformation of Wedding Stationery

Episode Title Image for Episode 21, Elegance in Ink with a background of wedding stationery

Embarking on a path from the high-octane hustle of New York City’s corporate events to the intimate craft of bespoke wedding invitations, Miss Carrie of Turnage and Watts shares her transformative story. We wander through her captivating tales of rubbing shoulders with celebrities at the Time 100, to the pivotal life moments that nudged her towards the serene artistry she now pours into every lovingly created invitation suite. With Carrie’s anecdotes, you’ll feel the heartbeat of a business that’s more than just paper and ink—it’s a homage to heritage and the cherished bond between couples and their stories.

The essence of tradition and personal connection radiates through our discussion with Carrie as she unveils the soul-stirring inspirations behind Turnage and Watts. Her journey to preserve the legacy of her grandmothers and to embody their values in her work is a testament to the power of family and storytelling. Carrie guides us through the meticulous process of cultivating wedding invitations that capture a couple’s narrative, from the initial concept to the final touch of a wax seal, creating an heirloom that celebrates the start of a shared life journey.

Lastly, we navigate the lesser-known waters of mailing intricacies, as Carrie lends her expertise on how to ensure your invitations land in mailboxes with grace and style. From the allure of vintage stamps to the logistics of postage and packaging, this chapter is a treasure trove of tips for anyone looking to add that extra flair to their special announcements. Carrie’s wisdom is not just about aesthetics; it’s about creating a seamless experience for couples, ensuring their invitations set the tone for the wedding of their dreams.

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