Tales from Tidewater Inn

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Ever find yourself biting your tongue at the glossy perfection of social media event showcases?

Well, not on my watch. Settle in as Liza, your seasoned florist confidante, whisk you away to the charming Tidewater Inn for a wedding that’s as real as it gets. No filters, just raw behind-the-velvet-curtain accounts of a budget-conscious bride who dared to mix faux with fresh. And if the aroma of a mac and cheese bar coupled with the scent of fresh bread doesn’t quite do it for you, the tales of kitchen chaos just might. 

This solo episode strips back the layers of the event floristry world, revealing the kind of adaptability and creativity you won’t find on Pinterest. From the initial jitters to the last floating candle, I’ll take you on a journey through the trials and triumphs of piecing together an intimate celebration. You won’t find any guests here, just me and the true tales of table layouts, bridal bouquets doubling as centerpieces, and communication triumphs that turned potential mishaps into memorable successes. It’s a story that proves sometimes, the most beautiful moments are the ones that aren’t perfectly polished.

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