Bride looks at the camera from behind her bouquet of oranges, greens, burgundy, and navy blue.

Autumn Wedding Flowers at the Wylder Hotel

A late November wedding on the waterfront of the Wylder Hotel on Tilghman Island was the *perfect* way to finish out our wedding season that year. The bridesmaids wore furs to keep out the wind, there were extra personal touches at every turn, and the indoor reception space kept the party going into the evening!

A Movie-Worthy Meet Cute

Faron and Kayla met in college at Coastal Carolina University. He was a freshman and she was a sophomore, and both were members of the fishing club! One night her friend’s car overheated (she had a really old Pontiac Fiero) and instead of adding water to the coolant tank, she accidentally added it to her oil tank. Trying to think of someone they knew that looked like they could change oil led them to Faron, who came over right away and changed the oil in the middle of the night for them!!  To thank him (and to get to know him better!) Kayla took him out to mini golf and the rest is history! 

Kayla scheduled a visit to the farm about a month ahead of her wedding, to see how our process works in person and check out some of the florals that were in season.  She brought her mom, future mother in law, sister, and niece with her, which made for a really fun group. We were able to show them all of the colors in person, pick out their corsage bands, walk the fields (even though it was drizzling!), and decide on favorite floral varieties. We love getting to meet our brides and couples ahead of the big day!

Sunshine on the Waterfront

Bride and Groom smile as they walk down the aisle after their waterfront wedding ceremony.

The Wylder Hotel on Tilghman Island is truly a showcase venue for an Eastern Shore wedding, and the warm hues of our autumn wedding flowers were a perfect portrayal of the season! All parts of this wedding were so incredibly personalized – her father hand built her arch with all kinds of little details of their story carved into it. To say we were extra careful when attaching the arch florals was an understatement!

Her ceremony space was right on the waterfront overlooking the ducks, the boats, and the docks which was spectacular in the November sunshine! Kayla’s cascading bouquet was full of flowers that matched her bridal hairpiece to pull every detail together.

Her bridesmaids wore deep emerald green dresses with warm fur shawls to beat the chill of the autumn air while the flower girl was ready to go with her basket of petals. The guys all wore the traditional style pin-on boutonnieres, even the ring bearer wore a mini version of the big guys. Their dog wore a floral collar and was the star of the show! 

An Indoor Reception

White welcome sign for a wedding with cursive script sits on an easel decorated with eucalyptus

The indoor reception space was an awesome blend of our favorite guest table florals. The glass trumpet-style pedestal pieces were set on their family tables to set them apart – a decision she made while visiting us at the farm! We set her other tables with a mix of classic rounded low height floral arrangements and also our glass floating candle trios with greens tucked around the base. The soft candle light all around made it such a romantic evening after the early sunset.

A Sweet Escape

At one point the newly married couple escaped for a moment of quiet (and a special photo shoot under the tree on the swing!). The floral swing designed with her matching seasonal florals was a spot for extra smiles!!! I think this was one of her favorite parts of the night – we kept talking about it with her leading up to the big day and the flower girl loved it too!  Who wouldn’t want a fairy tale swing on their wedding day?!

We took inspiration from the fall season for Kayla and Faron’s florals. Lots of specialty mums were the showcase of her bouquet, hints of deep blue were added using eryngium to accent the Chesapeake Bay area along with the silvery blue eucalyptus greens. Deep green dianthus were a great textural element, and the hypericum berries were an additional pop of deep maroon accent for that fall feel! 

Photographer: Katherine Zell Photography

Venue: Wylder Hotel Tilghman Island

Planning: Your Fairy Godmother Weddings

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