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Flower Farmer Reality, Episode Six, Title Image

“It’s like the next storm could take the whole row out and that’s my income.” – Amber 

Flower farming, often envisioned as a serene stroll among blossoms, is revealed to be a complex and arduous endeavor in our latest Flower Files podcast episode. Liza, Lizzie, and Amber, three seasoned flower farmers, share our candid experiences and valuable insights into an industry that demands much more than a green thumb.

Despite the romantic imagery associated with flower farming, we expose the gritty realities that lie beneath. Our meticulous planning, back-breaking labor, and constant vigilance against unpredictable weather and invasive pests form the backbone of our daily routine. We delve into the strategic decisions that dictate every aspect of our farm’s operation, from selecting the right flowers for each season to employing various methods for weed control and ground cover.

Learn about the delicate balance we must strike to protect our crops. The conversation shifts to the greenhouse, where precision in plant care meets the capriciousness of nature. We discuss the nuance of watering techniques, the importance of understanding plant-specific needs, and the strategy behind crop rotation. We don’t shy away from sharing the stress that accompanies the constant threat to our livelihood, be it from wildlife or extreme weather events.

In a heartfelt testament to our craft, we emphasize the significance of community and communication within the farming world. We discuss the mutual support that is vital in sharing knowledge and resources among farming groups, highlighting the courage required to navigate the industry’s challenges.

The episode also ventures into the business end of flower farming, touching on the hurdles of seasonal staffing and the financial intricacies involved in running a flower-related enterprise. We recount tales of unique wedding themes and the ingenuity required to meet the diverse demands of clients, proving that creativity is as crucial as agricultural acumen in this line of work.

Humor is not amiss in this enlightening episode as we discuss the amusing, albeit practical, challenges that arise from combining goat yoga with flower farming. This lighthearted segment underscores the diverse experiences of flower farmers and our willingness to experiment with novel ideas, like the prospect of introducing kitten yoga.

Through our stories, Liza, Lizzie, and Amber offer a glimpse into the resilience and adaptability that define the life of a flower farmer. It’s a profession characterized not just by the blooms that captivate our senses but by our tireless dedication and passion for cultivating them.

“What flower are you?”

Lizzy: Plumeria

Liza: Eucalyptus

Amber: Sunflower

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Liza, Lizzy and Amber of the Flower Files Podcast sitting on the front porch

About The Flower Files

Join our team of flower lovers while they take you along their journey as flower farmer florists pursuing business, family, strategy, mother nature, wedding installs, and everything inbetween including fieldwork, floral design, all the way to the day of event execution.

This is a weekly show that talks about all things flowers including the reality of flower farming, using locally grown flowers in wedding design, and other flower use with an environmentaly focused perspective. It includes a variety of guests who are fower lovers, users, sniffers, and ethusiasts that will talk on a range of topics… depending on where the seasont takes us!

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