Let’s Get Published in a Magazine with Jenn Quinn

Title Image for Podcast Episode 26: Let's Get Published in a Magazine with Jenn Quinn, the backyard of florals and a dessert table

Ever found yourself staring at a photograph, wondering about the story behind the smile or the location? This week, our vibrant guest Jennifer Quinn of Jen Quinn Creative and APG Media of Chesapeake, wields her artistic prowess to unravel the narrative threads of graphic design, photography, and the pulse of the magazine world. As we weave through Jen’s transition from fashion to full-fledged visual storytelling, you’ll get an insider’s perspective on how she breathed new life into Chesapeake Bay Wedding Magazine and orchestrated events that showcase the sincerity of love stories. Her philosophy will change the way you view photography, aiming to capture the essence of her subjects in a way they rarely see themselves – it’s all about fostering genuine comfort and authenticity.

Hold on to your hats, as we also navigate the currents of magazine trends without capsizing under the weight of fleeting fads. Jen opens up about the magic of photography locations and those heartwarming client reactions to their cherished moments captured in time. Plus, she shares her sources of fresh inspiration for poses and the discerning eye it takes to select images that speak truth in publication. Ready to join the ranks of those enraptured by her work? Find Jen across social media platforms, from Instagram to her website, and immerse yourself in a world where ideas bloom into reality. Make sure to tune in and let your creative spirit be ignited by Jen Quinn’s flair for bringing visions to life.

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