Tractors, Tales, and Farmyard Follies

Title Image for Podcast Episode 25: Lizzy and Liza looking into a field crouched

Have you ever felt the thrill of mastering a machine that’s key to taming the land? Come along as I, Amber, reminisce about my transition from a no-go on the lawnmower to becoming a collegiate tractor connoisseur. Joined by my friends Liza and Lizzie, we weave tales from the flower fields that go beyond the hum of engines—sharing the heartwarming and often hilarious chaos that ensues when farm animals and machinery collide. From sizeable tractors shaping the bounty of our soil to the modest hand rototiller that started it all, we explore the vital tools that keep our farm thriving.

This episode is a patchwork quilt of stories stitched with love, laughter, and the occasional chicken squabble. You’ll hear the uproarious chronicles of Cora the dog, our unintentional ‘tulip helper’, and my mother’s robust gator that could shame any grass-friendly model with its knobby tires. We also chat about our flock of chickens who’ve dabbled in gourmet dining on leftover sushi and stood beak-to-beak with our cat, PK. Wrap up your day with a side of heart-pounding action as we recount a nighttime fox chase to save our beloved rooster—just a snippet of the unforgettable moments that define our life on the farm. Join us for an episode chock-full of the unexpected twists and turns that come with nurturing the land and its lively inhabitants.

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