The Art of Weaving SEO and Web Design with CJ Price

Episode Ten: The Art of Weaving SEO and Web Design

“And that’s kind of when I like to come in. I don’t like building five page websites that are just like starter websites for people. I want to help people get to that next level.” – CJ Price 

In our recent podcast episode, we were privileged to converse with CJ Price, an expert in the intertwined realms of SEO and web design. Her journey is not just about her professional evolution but also about her personal resilience. From managing an event rental company to becoming a digital strategist, CJ has seamlessly navigated the waters of entrepreneurship, even during the global pandemic. Her story is a testament to adaptability and the power of turning challenges into opportunities.

The crux of the episode revolves around the philosophy that a website should not merely be a static digital brochure but the pulsating heart of a business’s online existence. CJ Price champions the idea that the essence of a website is its content. She argues that it is the content that should inform the design, not the other way around. By focusing on the website’s purpose and the value it offers, the design naturally aligns with the business’s goals, ultimately crafting an online presence that resonates with its target audience.

Our discussion further delves into the symbiotic relationship between a client and a web designer. CJ emphasizes the importance of communication and feedback in creating a website that truly reflects the brand’s narrative. She shares her experiences in eliciting constructive feedback, which is pivotal in refining and enhancing a website’s design and functionality. The process of building a website is a collaborative effort, and finding harmony in this partnership is crucial for success.

Moreover, the podcast touches on the practical aspects of web design and SEO. CJ provides insights into the importance of analyzing user behavior, the significance of updating content, and the analogy of social media platforms. She highlights the importance of keeping users engaged and converting their interest into business goals, whether that be sales or service bookings. It’s clear that understanding the target audience and crafting an online space that meets their needs is at the heart of any successful digital strategy.

As the episode draws to a close, CJ shares her sources of inspiration for web design. From local architecture to the resilience of the hosta plant, she demonstrates how the unexpected can fuel creativity. The conversation is a reminder that our personal lives and the strength we draw from them can profoundly influence our professional pursuits.


In summary, this episode with CJ Price offers a deep dive into the art of creating digital landscapes that blend aesthetics and functionality. It’s an exploration of how SEO and web design can come together to forge an online space that is not only beautiful but also strategic and effective. CJ’s journey from managing a local event rentals business to crafting digital strategies that empower entrepreneurs is an inspiration to all aspiring to leave a mark in the digital world.

If you’re looking to understand the intricacies of SEO, the importance of content-driven design, and the art of building a brand’s digital presence, this episode is a treasure trove of insights. It’s a conversation that interlaces the practical with the personal, offering lessons not just in web design but also in life. Tune in to discover how to cultivate your own digital landscape and sow the seeds of success in the online world.

PS: Want to inquire with CJ? Check her out here!

“What flower are you?” Section:

Lizzy: Plumeria

Liza: Eucalyptus

Amber: Sunflower

CJ: Hosta 

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