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Fall weddings are a beauty all their own.  Picture this: a tapestry of warm colors, soft petals, and our flower farm blooms effortlessly create the unmistakable charm of the season on your most important day.

Step into the cozy embrace of fall with our dahlias, pink-tinged hydrangeas, velvety celosia, full range of snapdragons, zinnias, gomphrena, eucalyptus, and more – all tailor-made for your dream Autumn wedding! 

Explore the magic of deep burgundies, the glowing vibes of sunflowers, and everything in between. These images aren’t just snapshots; they’re a celebration of love, joy, and the unique beauty that autumn brings to your wedding day. So, whether you’re dreaming of a rustic-chic affair or a whimsical garden party, let these fall flowers be your inspiration.

Your wedding day is your canvas, and our fall flowers are here to add that perfect stroke of seasonal charm to your Autumn Wedding. Dive into our galleries and let the wedding planning fun begin!

Wildly Native Flower Farm fields during autumn with a cleartop tent for a wedding in the background

Harvest Hues

The classic fall color palette, customized to your unique style!  Whether you want grasses and dried florals, or every shade of rust imaginable, we’ve got you covered.  Inspired by the changing leaves and the warm embrace of fall, explore deep burgundies of celosia, golden yellows of marigolds, sunflowers, and zinnias, and earthy tones that characterize this category. Each bloom is carefully curated to evoke the essence of the season, offering a perfect blend of rustic charm and natural elegance.

Logan + Drew | Great Oak Manor

Stephanie + Elliot | Brittland Manor

Kayla + Faron | Wylder Hotel

Bright & Wild

This gallery is a journey into the lively and spirited side of the season, where vibrant blooms and dynamic arrangements come together in a harmonious dance. Picture vivid hues and bold contrasts of cosmos, dahlias, and zinnias that hold onto the sunlight as we enter the wild beauty of autumn. ‘Bright & Wild’ is perfect for those seeking a lively and spirited touch to their Autumn Wedding. Let these captivating images inspire your vision as you explore the possibilities for a celebration that bursts with energy and natural charm.


Alex + Kyle | Hyatt Cambridge

Michelle + Grant | Great Oak Manor

Sarah + Matt | Golf Course at South River

Jewel Tone

These autumn jewel tone weddings really capture the rich colors and textures of the season – from vibrant and colorful to dark and moody, they echo the brilliance of sapphire blues, emerald greens, and ruby reds.  Our farm grown luxurious blooms in rich, deep hues set the tone for envisioning a wedding day that radiates opulence and celebrates the splendor of the autumn season.

Brenn + Zack

Alexandra + Corey | Great Oak Manor

Sofie + Shaun | Brittland Manor

Thalia + Colton | Hazelwood Weddings


Don’t let the time of year stop you from having a dreamy pastel wedding – we grow every color of flower in every season and fall has lots to offer in softer tones!!  This gallery is a serene exploration of soft hues and delicate blooms that gracefully blend with the subtle tones of the season, creating an atmosphere of timeless romance. This style is tailored for those who envision a wedding that captures the delicate essence of autumn in a soft and dreamy palette.

Kali + Steven | Kent Island Resort

Bride and Groom standing on a dock at Kent Island resort, bride holding a large than life pastel bouquet with lots of greenery by Wildly Native Flower Farm
Up close view of chair ceremony florals mostly white with pops of pink
Bride and Groom walking down away from the building flanked by bridesmaids and groomsman<br />
Table setting with a row of greenery down the middle with bright gold chargers and candles

Alyssa + Michael | Cow Barn

Bride smiling over her shoulder at the camera with her veil in full view holding a yellow pastel bouquet
Up close view of a yellow flower with a ring placed delicately upon it
Bride and Groom walking towards the camera holding hands with bridal party walking alongside them
Table setting with yellow goblets gold chargers and pink napkins tied together

Lillian + Zach | Kent Island Resort

Maddie + Daniel


This gallery is a tribute to the understated beauty that neutral tones bring to an Autumn Wedding. Picture a celebration adorned in classic whites, creamy ivories, and greenery, creating an atmosphere of refined elegance. This style is designed for those who appreciate the grace and sophistication that come with a muted color palette. Let these images be your inspiration as you envision a wedding day filled with understated charm and enduring style, where every detail speaks to the quiet allure of the autumn season.

Christina + Adam | Queenstown, MD

Lauren + Ricky | Cold Saturday Farm

Bride holding the edge of her dress and a full greenery bouquet walking out of camera
Bride with her bridesmaids all in emerald green dresses, slightly different
Bride and Groom looking at each other walking towards the camera in front of a food truck
Farm table setup with white padded folding chairs and potted platns as a table runner

Kasey + Kennan | Walker’s Overlook


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