The Chuppah and the Hurricane – A Brittland Estates Wedding

Brittland Estates was the perfect setting for Sofie + Shaun’s romantic October jewel tone wedding on Maryland’s Eastern Shore.  Coming from Baltimore, this was a bit of a mini destination wedding so luckily the venue truly creates its own little oasis for the guests to enjoy a full weekend.  And bonus – it’s only 20 minutes away from our flower farm!

Bride and Groom look at each other in between their wedding party, all holding jewel tone wedding flowers at Brittland Estates.

Shaun and Sofie met through mutual friends in Baltimore, Maryland. She was pleasantly surprised when he knew right away that her name meant wisdom – she’d always liked that about her moniker, but hadn’t yet met anyone who also knew that fact!  Later that evening, she made her first (and only) shot playing pool with him, and from there it was just meant to be!

Choosing their color palette

When we had our first phone call with the couple, we could tell that they were drawn to warmer fall tones. Eventually, they found themselves venturing more and more into jewel tone wedding territory with deep blue and rich magenta hues. 

Bride and her bridesmaids smile in a group photo, wearing berry color dresses and holding flower bouquets in maroon jewel tones.

Her bridesmaid dresses were a *perfect* match in their vibrant berry color!!  The groom and groomsmen kept the theme timeless and elegant in their black suits and bow ties.

Full wedding party in black tuxedos and berry dresses gathered in the garden with jewel tone wedding flowers.

Sofie and Shaun were the first wedding to use our new chuppah rental – we had just made and stained it a beautiful warm brown, and it fit their jewel tone flowers perfectly!! 

She sent over a few inspiration pictures of heavily flowered chuppahs and arches, and together we came up with a semi-asymmetric design that incorporated all of her favorites.

Unpredictable Weather…

When the day arrived, it turned out to be a hurricane weather weekend.  With the help of her awesome planner, we were able to reimagine the reception tent to be the ceremony space as well!

The long head table for the wedding party was separated and gently shifted to the sides of the tent to make way for the chuppah and ceremony space at the top of the dance floor.  Our florists Lizzy & Nicole were beyond excited to get to work on this piece – they brought all the mechanics and buckets of fresh flowers with them and built it entirely on-site!! 

Wooden Chuppah on a brick patio with buckets of fresh flower farm florals ready to be used.

With the rain and all the plan changes, there were a few more guests than usual hanging out in the tent watching set-up. But as soon as they said it was like watching an Anthropologie display window being built we knew we were on the right track!

The draping amaranth was one hundred percent the star of the ceremony florals, as it created a fairy garden style ethereal moment to brighten up the rainy day.  With accents of ivory and dark blues popping off of our farm grown fresh eucalyptus, their wedding guests enjoyed a gorgeous and intimate ceremony from the comfort of the tent covered dance floor.

… With a creative solution!

Floral chuppah underneath a sailcloth tent with head table on brick patio at Brittland Manor.

But the most creative part of the whole rain plan redesign? Keeping the chuppah exactly where it was! Sofie + Shaun’s planner removed the fabric draping after the ceremony, and then slid the head table back through the sides. 

The newlywed couple was perfectly framed in the center, while the greenery garland ran the entire length of the three wooden harvest tables for a cohesive look.  Plus, this allowed everyone to enjoy those lush flowers throughout the entire evening!

Reception Table Decor

Sofie wanted the focal point for decor in her reception (a gorgeous sailcloth tent on the large brick patio!) to consist of florals and greens to help set the tone for her overall feel. 

We used a mix of tablescape designs in her reception decor that allowed for the color from the flowers to radiate throughout the tent, while being balanced by lush greens and floating candles on the other half of her round guest tables.  We placed our silver mercury glass votives around the low height floral arrangements for an added touch of evening ambiance.

Sofie was literally the sweetest bride, from start to finish!  As soon as she received her photo gallery she immediately sent it over to us and was honestly excited to share her own joy with us from her day!! Her glowing smile was the first thing we noticed, and we couldn’t imagine anything else for such a happy couple!!

Venue: Brittland Estates

Planner: Rachel Kelly Events

Photographer: Dani Leigh Photography

Videographer: Lee Russell Films (videography)

Tent + Rentals: Eastern Shore Tents and Events

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