Drink sign at a wedding bar says Pick Your Poison.

Til Death: Moody + Spooky Wedding Vibes

Weddings are always a time for bright cheery love, white flowers, puffy dresses, and sunshine…. Right?  Nah!!  Everyone has their own style, and their own ideas on how love should be portrayed, and we are HERE FOR IT when someone wants to take their ceremony to a whole ‘nother level! Check out some of our favorite moody spooky weddings below!

A Coffin In October

We’ll start with a late October wedding, where the bride and groom made their own arch.   Not just any shape, they made a coffin!!  Alexandra + Cory had explained their “spooky romance kind of vibe”, then hesitated a second before telling us they were building a coffin shaped arch for their ceremony.  We immediately loved the idea!!! I think they were a little relieved that we didn’t think it was too crazy… but really, we are all about thinking outside of the box and having fun with everyone’s individual creativity.

Alex wore a beautiful ivory dress, and her bridesmaids were in black.  The guys wore dark maroon suits with black lapels and bow ties, and their son was absolutely adorable in his mini version!  The setting at Great Oak Manor definitely provided the old manor house feels, and the foggy rainy cliffside ceremony added to the drama as well.

Her bouquet didn’t have a single bit of the regular greenery in it. We used physiocarpus (also known as ninebark) in place of our usual eucalyptus to give a solid base of dark purple leaves, and the other magentas, white, and maroons settled in perfectly.  Black umbrellas, a Pick Your Poison bar sign, and black and silver place settings finished it all off!

Close up of moody jewel tone Halloween October wedding flowers with color palette swatches.

Find more of our autumn jewel tone weddings here, or on our Pinterest!

Spooky in the … Spring?

But what if you’re a spooky boo and want to get married not in October?  We’ve got you covered there, too!  Becca + Mitch were married in May, definitely not the classic time of year for a moody spooky wedding, but it all fit beautifully.  Their venue, Pocono Palms, is a gorgeous place that used to be a church and kept the stunning dark wood beams and vaulted ceilings for a stark contrast in architecture.

Flat Lay style photo of wedding invitation and florals for a spooky theme wedding.

Their flatlay really captured all the coolest details: from the skeleton hands heart, to the skull necklace, to the dagger earrings!!  And honestly, we didn’t know about Becca’s amazing hair until the day of and as soon as we saw her we were like YESSSS!!!  Vibrant florals, vibrant hair, vibrant personality!  And her black dress was perfect to set everything off, making the colors pop even more.

The triangle arch is another nod to non-traditional, and we created four separate pieces to really anchor the design.  One large one at each base, and two smaller to accent the sides of the triangle as it went up. All of these were able to be repurposed to their sweetheart table after the ceremony!

All of these were able to be repurposed to their sweetheart table after the ceremony!

Styled Spookiness

Table in the woods set with moody spooky halloween style table settings.

The third Halloween theme set-up was a styled shoot instead of a true wedding, but the theme stayed strong!!!  The bride wore black, and the wooden harvest table was set in the woods with gold and black place settings, black taper candles, a plum runner, and spooky decor.  These shoots are so much fun to do, since we can really run wild with the creativity and add just about anything we’d want! 

Some of our team also jumped in on the fun, taking some of the most unique workplace headshots you can imagine… it was so much fun!

Group of women dressed as witches in the woods.

So if you’re thinking you want a deep and moody spooky wedding, maybe all the way spooky or just a few touches, don’t hold back!  We LOVE a good theme, and we are here for all the quirky ideas.

Alex + Cory Vendors:

Venue: Great Oak Manor

Photographer: Caroline and Co Studio

Becca + Mitch Vendors:

Venue: Pocono Palms

Photographer: Petra Sommers Photo

Planning: Electric City Event Co

Catering: Roots Catering

Cake: Made by Lino

Styled Shoot Vendors:

Photography: Virginia Lewis Photography

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