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A Guide to Our Wedding Day of Logistics

Your big day is here! Now what?

I know at this point you are getting down to the nitty gritty (final!) details. We have talked about your vision, you know your pieces are all coming together, and at this point you are waiting for final counts from RSVP’s for sure. I mean really?! Why don’t some people just RESPOND already!!! Here, we are going to talk about your big day of wedding logistics from top to bottom.

I wanted to take a moment and share with you a few details about how the day will work on our end, many times brides ask us questions about logistics for the day-of and I wanted to just touch base real quick to just go over again what to expect from us.

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Here is what we are going to cover:

  1. The Morning Of
  2. Boxed and Basket Items
  3. Reception Set-Up
  4. Ceremony Set-Up
  5. Specialty/Extra Florals

The Morning of Wedding Logistics

That morning when hair and make up are happening and everyone is bubbling over with excitement… we get to walk in with your flowers on your big day!!!

  • All your personals – from your bouquet to bridesmaid bouquets and anything else that is created in that style will be delivered in a vase.
  • To keep them looking their best? Any time you don’t have to have the flowers out for a picture (or just to look at them too!) pop them back in the vase. It helps keep them super fresh!

Boxed Items

Flower crowns, hair pieces, corsages, dog collars – things of that nature will arrive in special boxes wrapped in damp paper towels. We do this for two reasons:

  1. It keeps them damp and fresh.
  2. it allows us to deliver without the plastic waste that most folks picture these personal items arriving in.

Keep them stored in a cool place, many times brides will tuck them in a fridge until its time to go!

Basket full “o” Boutonnieres

Boutonnieres and other “guy” flowers arrive in small containers usually tucked in baskets to keep them super fresh! One bit of advice would be to keep them in a cool place as well and then pin them on later. While your big wedding day of logistics are happening from multiple vendors, we want to make sure that we do not miss any little detail.

Our pieces are meant to last! Any little help we can give these little detail flowers we take so thats why you receive them in little containers.

Reception Set-Up

Ok – so that’s the skinny on all the details on the personals! Off to the next part… and that’s where you let us run WILD with the rest of the day! Many times honestly we then head to the reception space to scope out the set up.

There are lots of logistics here for us to manage – from candles to linens to even final set ups – so we take a look and see where to get started next.

Ceremony Set-Up

Sometimes we set up the ceremony space next and sometimes we set up the tables. It just depends on what we CAN do based on the rest of the vendors (and sometimes weather too!)

Your job that day? Relax and know we have it all covered! We have managed moments with pop-up thunderstorms, wind storms, the other vendors stuck in traffic, to a variety of so many other surprises.

Bottom line? Each time the couple has never known things were crazy behind the scenes!!! So trust me when I tell you we got it covered.

Specialty Florals

One fine detail here – cake flowers. If you have them, know that we take great care in preparing these florals.

After all, people will be potentially eating them! Or pieces of them, or at least the flowers will be in contact with the food. We only use florals that are edible!!!! On your big wedding day of logistics, sometimes these small details are forgotten. If you need a vase of cake flowers, if you need a “cake meadow,” or a simple sprig or two.

Loose and Fun
Standing Tall
Cake Meadow

Many pictures on Pinterest are very misleading of these elaborate cakes that have various florals on them that may not even be edible!!!

We love working with cake artists of all sorts – just know we will look for clarification of who is putting the flowers on the cake when we send a final check-in email.

As always, any questions at ANY TIME just reach out! We are so excited that things are so close! Can’t wait to see you… its going to be amazing!

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