Spring wedding with wildflowers that are colorful and vibrant with bride and bridesmaids

A Bright Wildflower Wedding: Anna + Logan

Like their love, a wildflower it is an uncultivated variety of love growing freely without interference. This wedding was filled with color, texture, movement, and dare I say, wildflowers! Here with Anna + Logan, they choose vibrant florals to represent the seasonal variety in May of 2021. Bright and wild florals are used to represent seasonal variety and I think Anna nailed it!

Colorful wildflower bridal bouquet on stairs

Their Story

Anna and Logan are what we love to call a “powerhouse couple” in our local community! Anna has lived here her whole life and her family’s business is a place that everyone knows and trusts.

Taking after her family’s entrepreneurial spirit, her passion for dogs has led her to open a line of custom dog collars and leashes that are truly amazing!  Logan is an avid hunter, loves his trucks, and is always quick with a smile. They met through mutual friends and it was an instant match! 

The Day-of

Late May in Maryland can be a tricky time of year – in between the last of the cooler spring weather and the onset of the hot summer sun, anything is possible!  Anna and Logan’s day ended up being on the hotter side of things, but our flowers really held up to the challenge and lended a bit of the springtime vibes to balance it all out. 

Their wedding took place at historic Stepne Manor on the edge of Chestertown, which is just a short ride from our farm on the other edge of town! The breeze coming up from the Chester River combined with the backdrop of the old manor house with tall columns and horse barns in the distance to create a perfect Eastern Shore Wedding.

Ever thought your bouquet would weigh you down?

Delivering these personal florals was a moment that stood out for all of us on the team that we still laugh about! Anna was so specific when she worked with us about her bouquet, she wanted a show stopping bouquet that was the biggest we had ever made.

The cascading style in itself means it has a large variety of flowers and textures, but when we walked in that room with all her bridesmaids, Mom, and friends, you could instantly hear her intake of breath, which was the BEST to hear! It was honestly such an honorable moment to be a part of.

The best part? Her comment – when she saw it instead of “wow” or “thats pretty” she said “Holy cow! You brought me the whole garden!” She made our day hearing her say that! The dining room table was filled with all the personal florals and it looked like we had indeed brought her a garden. The textures and colors stood out and really made everything POP!

Using the hexagon arch as the backdrop for the ceremony space, her large arch corner piece really offset the tree that was the visual anchor piece behind it. Her dogs are truly an integral part of her life and are what make her such an incredibly giving person  – her littlest dachshund was the star of the show as he ran down the aisle… with her maid of honor trying to keep up! Flowers in one hand, dog in the other, people loved seeing all of Anna’s personality throughout this whole ceremony. 

The tent space was cooled off by the breeze that blew in from the river just across the street which helped to keep all those florals at a happier temperature that night. Tent poles were decorated around the dance floor, the tables-capes reflected her whole vibe of a colorful garden; she really knew how to use all the details to pull bright and wild florals used to represent the seasonal variety and bring everything together.

Featured Florals Used

Our favorite spring wedding flowers were all included in these florals and showcased peonies, bachelor button, calendula, larkspur, snapdragons, love in a mist, astilbe and iris. While these florals prefer the cool temperatures of the spring season, the bright sunshine and clear skies were a perfect setting for these florals to really show off their colors! 

Season – Spring

Theme – Bright and Wild


Location: Stepne Manor Chestertown

Photographer: Kristen Leigh Photography

Rentals: Eastern Shore Tents and Events

Planner: Rachel Kendall Events

Hair: Cut Loose Salon

Catering: Catering by Jamie

Desserts: Sweet C Baking

DJ: Mixing Maryland DJ

Dog Care: Furever & Always Wedding Day Dog Care

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