Cultivating Passions: The Art and Earth of Flower Farming with Liza from Wildly Native

Episode 3: Cultivating Passions The Art and Earth of Flower Farming with Liza from Wildly Native Flower Farm Episode Title Image

An Early Riser

Step into the green haven where early mornings are for cutting flowers and nights echo with the calls of owls. 

Liza and her crew share more than just their love for botanicals; they delve into their unique hobbies and the simple pleasures that sustain their spirits, from crafting to savoring sports victories. 

With a creative touch on sustainability, they recount the challenges of coloring clients’ special days while treading lightly on the planet. 

A Group of Girls

Whether it’s pondering the absurdity of daylight savings time or decorating for Halloween, Wildly Native’s commitment to the environment and the eccentricities of our team will leave you both enlightened and entertained.

Click above to listen in, or head over to Audible, Spotify, Apple podcast, and Patreon for exclusive episodes! We look forward to hearing from you all so soon! 

What Flower Are You?

Lizzy: Plumeria

Liza: Eucalyptus

Amber: Sunflower

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Liza, Lizzy and Amber of the Flower Files Podcast sitting on the front porch

About The Flower Files

Join our team of flower lovers while they take you along their journey as flower farmer florists pursuing business, family, strategy, mother nature, wedding installs, and everything inbetween including fieldwork, floral design, all the way to the day of event execution.

This is a weekly show that talks about all things flowers including the reality of flower farming, using locally grown flowers in wedding design, and other flower use with an environmentaly focused perspective. It includes a variety of guests who are fower lovers, users, sniffers, and ethusiasts that will talk on a range of topics… depending on where the seasont takes us!

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