Kenly’s Chronicles: What We’re Growing Now

The Flower Files Episode 3: The Kenly Chronicles, What We're Growing Now Episode Title Image

“There is so much hard labor that goes into making flowers pretty.” – Kenly Brice

Ever wondered about the hard work that goes into those blooming Instagrammable flowers? This episode of the Flower Files is your ticket to the world of flower farming, where we are joined by our special guest and seed expert, Kenly. She takes us through her journey of turning a pandemic situation into an opportunity, as she got started on the farm amidst COVID-19. Kenly shares the ins and outs of her day-to-day life on the farm, from planting and transplanting to watering and caring for the plants. It’s not all sunshine and roses though, as she sheds light on the tough physical labor and logistical challenges that come with the job.

What does it take to have a thriving flower farm? We have a riveting discussion on the trends, strategies, and unexpected factors that make or break a season. From keeping up with Instagram trends to navigating the challenges of seed ordering and crop planning, you’re going to be amazed at the intricacies involved. Discover the variety of sunflowers and the importance of planting according to one’s specific zone. As we share our experiences, you’ll also hear some fun and even a few gross gardening stories. So, sit back, relax, and get ready to immerse yourself in the captivating world of flower farming, teeming with practical advice, fun anecdotes, and valuable insights.

One of the wild ones

With this chick, anything can be grown. Kenly is one of our own, started with us at Wildly Native as one of the first employees. Before Covid even, being a part of the family (literally a cousin) made it so easy for her to gel with us and fit right in here. As “Top Seed Head,” she explains to us how events are happening in the field, how to grow specifically for the weddings that year, and the next. Also, what are some of the realities and not so pretty expectations of a flower farmer? How does she keep it all straight? You’ll have to listen in! 

Have you ever thought about how seeds have different moods? Well in this episode Kenly can tell you how different seeds need water and germinate in sooooo many ways than you can think of. She’s the professional. 

Come tag along with us to see what we ask Kenly on her expertise, and how Amber feeds the fish…  

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