Purple and green buckets full of bright summer flowers sit in the bed of a truck.

Saying I Do to DIY Wedding Flowers

We get it – we’re not the only ones out there with a creative eye and a love of flowers!! We’ve had lots of couples over the years ask us about DIY wedding flowers, and we’ve always been happy to supply the blooms.  After all, flowers are the fun part!!

Whether you’re going full DIY, want us to make a few things while you make the rest, or just want to handle the set-up yourselves, there are lots of ways to add your own personal touch or have friends and family help out with your wedding flowers.

Jumping Right In – Fully DIY!

Opting for fully DIY wedding flowers typically means you’ve got a creative friend or a crafty aunt who wants to be able to help out, and making your florals is a great way for them to be involved!  We’ve had people call to ask for just a bucket or two to supplement their own garden, or on the other end, we’ve even put together 15+ buckets for one wedding… we’re happy to help your flower adventure in whatever capacity you need!

Folding table is set with lots of precut fresh flowers ready to be made into DIY wedding flowers.

One of our brides was married at Worsell Manor, and we provided a full flower station set up for her bridal party to help out that morning!  You can read a bit more about Joanna’s wedding here.

Bride and Groom pose with wedding party, holding their DIY wedding flowers.

We’ve also had a very excited mother of the bride schedule a visit out to our farm to walk the fields and choose their favorites, then come back in a week or two to pick up her 8 buckets of flowers!! They sent us photos afterwards, and did an amazing job making all of the bouquets and table vases!

Maybe some flowers sound fun… but not all!

We’ve also worked together on partial DIY’s, where we typically do the personal florals (bouquets, boutonnieres, corsages) and the bride picks up our cut flower buckets to have her friends and family help make their table centerpieces!!  It can make for a really fun activity the day before your wedding, or even the morning of.

Bud vases are perfect here, whether it’s your own collection or you rent ours they make an easy do it yourself option to decorate your reception.  One thing to consider is the size of the opening of your vases – a mason jar holds wayyy more flowers than a narrow neck vase of the same height!  We can definitely help you figure out stem counts based on how many vases, what size they are, and how many tables you have.

Creative Bridesmaids

Bride and bridesmaids in floral print dresses lined up and smiling, holding their jewel tone wedding flowers.

Brenn + Zach’s wedding was one of our favorites (read about it here!), and although we did the rest of her florals and setup, she had us create a DIY Flower Bar for her bridesmaids to have fun and stay stress-free while taking turns in hair and makeup!! We set up buckets of florals, brought clippers and a vase for each bridesmaid, and when we circled back later in the day we wrapped them in ribbon and trimmed the stems so they’d be aisle-ready!!

Planner: Kat D’Angelo Evviva Studio

Photographer: Kailey Edwards Photography

Venue: Camp Tockwogh

Rentals: Eastern Shore Tents and Events

Cocktail Hour Food: Cowgirl Cuisine

Band: Watershed Entertainment (Speakers Of The House)

Catering: Not Your Mama’s Taco Truck

Scattered Vases on the Family Farm

Bride and Groom sit at the head table, with a white tablecloth and colorful bud vases with summer flowers.

Ellen + Sam’s wedding took place on her family’s property, where all three of her siblings had also gotten married!  Their ceremony took place in a large open field, and afterwards they escaped for portraits down to the dock and beach.  They even incorporated sea glass found there into their decor!

Her mother, Ann, has a gorgeous garden at her house, and wanted the florals to coordinate and add to the beauty that was already growing.  As Ellen was living in California, her mom handled most of the coordination and planning, and we really got a feel for how close this family is.

Bride and groom pose looking at each other in a lush green flower garden.

A summer wildflower wedding is right up our alley, and we were so happy to walk our fields and cut any and every thing that made our hearts happy, knowing that they would love them too.  While we created Ellen’s bouquet and Sam’s pocket square boutonniere, the rest of their florals were completely DIY.  Sending out full buckets of our farm grown blooms for others to enjoy and interpret in their own design style is so much fun for us – we think everyone should have the opportunity to play and have fun with flowers!!

They had plenty of vases collected, and came by the farm with her sister to pick up their florals the day before the wedding.  They were able to look over everything that we had and were happy with all of the colors and textures, and it was so nice to finally meet in person.  We were so excited to open their photo gallery and see what they did with the DIY buckets – it’s the best kind of photo surprise!

Between the bar set up in a vintage camper, the lawn games, and the gator rides, there was definitely a relaxed atmosphere to the entire evening that kept everyone happy and upbeat – even when the weather turned stormy later that evening.  Sam and Ellen’s eastern shore wedding is definitely one to remember.

Photographer: Philter Photo

Planner: Stylish Occasions Wedding & Event Planner

Hair & Makeup: Studio 8 Bridal

We make them, you handle the rest

The last overall category of our do-it-yourself weddings is a DIY set-up.  We’ve made all of the flowers, ceremony florals, and table arrangements, but you pick them upland handle all of the setup!

Close up of blue, pink, and white flowers on a wedding arch.

Renee and Brian had their wedding at a venue with tight time restraints, but wanted their personal flowers delivered earlier in the day for photos.  They figured there wasn’t too much to set up onsite, coordinated with some friends and family, and decided they would put up their arch flowers! 

We walked them through the process when they came to visit our farm, and they were comfortable with the simple mechanics we use to attach floral pieces. When we delivered everything to their home, we made sure to leave enough zip ties and point out the best place to attach them.  Everything went off without any issues!

Photographer: Kir Tuben Photography

Venue: Woodend Sanctuary

Planner: Glow Weddings and Events

HMU: Makeup by Ana B

Allison had her bridesmaids help her with picking up her florals from us here at the farm.  Her bouquets and boutonnieres were carefully packed, and they were able to set up her arch flowers easily! Read more about her wedding here!

Bride and her bridesmaids wearing light sage green line up holding their white flower bouquets under the trees.

Photographer: dKin Photography

So you have the flowers.. what else do you need?

One of the more important things to consider when thinking about DIY florals are all the little bits and tools that you might need.  Clippers, vases, buckets, ribbon, floral tape, and maybe even floral foam and zip ties are common items that you’ll need for do-it-yourself flowers.  We can help you source those, or you might already have collected most of what you need!

For some, wedding planning and prep can be a stressful time and outsourcing as much as possible is the way to go, which we totally understand!!  After all, most of our weddings are full service.  For others though, being able to have a hand in creating and designing your wedding from small details like signage all the way through invitations and even floral arrangements is one more way to personalize your day and really bring it all together.  Either way, we’re here to help!

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