Your Wedding Color Scheme: How to Pick Flowers by the Season

Episode 13 Title Image with a picture of Lizzy holding a bouquet of flowers with the text Lizzy Goetz: Your Wedding Color Scheme How to Pick Flowers by the Season

When it comes to planning a wedding, one of the most visually impactful decisions a couple can make is their choice of flowers.

The blossoms chosen to decorate the ceremony and reception spaces, as well as to comprise the bridal bouquet, can encapsulate the aesthetic and emotional tone of the entire event. What better way to tell your love story than through the natural beauty and symbolism of flowers, tailored to the season of your nuptials?

Spring, with its gentle unfurling of fresh blooms, presents a bounty of floral choices. The traditional daffodil, for instance, is not only a sign of new beginnings but also a harbinger of the warmth and renewal that spring embodies. Imagine a bouquet brimming with peonies, snapdragons, and the silvery hues of Eucalyptus, echoing the delicate transition from winter’s slumber to spring’s awakening. The diversity of textures and colors available during this period is truly a designer’s paradise.

As we transition into summer, the floral landscape shifts to a vibrant canvas. The season calls for bold and bright arrangements that reflect the exuberance of the time. Peonies give way to hydrangeas and zinnias, painting a picture of a summer garden in full glory. The weddings that embrace this season’s palette can expect bouquets and centerpieces that are not only visually striking but also filled with the warmth and joy that summer exudes.

Autumn weddings have a unique charm, characterized by a rich palette that mirrors the changing foliage. Incorporating elements such as lotus pods or even potted plants can add a personal and organic touch to the decor. The fusion of summer and fall florals, like the pairing of zinnias with dahlias, can create a style that is both ‘Bright and Wild’ and beautifully harmonious with the season’s essence.

Planning a wedding that harmonizes with nature’s calendar is not just an aesthetic choice but also an eco-conscious one. The practice supports local ecosystems and ensures the freshest, most beautiful arrangements possible. Florists play a crucial role in guiding couples through the myriad of choices and helping them understand the significance of seasonal availability. By selecting flowers that are naturally in bloom, couples can avoid the pitfalls and costs associated with out-of-season blooms.

A noteworthy aspect of wedding floristry is the customization that comes from working closely with clients. Take Kylie, for example, whose dream color scheme was refined through collaboration with her florist. Creating a mood board, discussing favorite flowers, and even changing plans after a visit to the fields, are all part of the journey to crafting the perfect floral backdrop for a wedding.

Finally, the evolution of the digital age allows for a continued conversation about wedding floristry on social media platforms. By engaging with florists and fellow enthusiasts online, couples can find inspiration, ask questions, and even showcase their own floral stories. This virtual community serves as an extension of the support and creativity that is found within the walls of a florist’s studio.

In summary, wedding floristry is a dynamic and deeply personal art form that requires an understanding of the natural world, an eye for design, and a heart for storytelling. Whether it’s the whisper of spring or the depth of autumn, each season holds the potential for creating a floral story that is as unique and timeless as the love it celebrates.

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