So we Planted some Flowers; Now what?

Wildly Native Crew holding bunches of flowers with the text "So we planted some flowers, now what?" as a title on the image for the Flower Files Podcast

“It’s like the next storm could take the whole row out and that’s my income.” – Amber Edwards

When we consider the beauty that blooms from the earth, we do think about the journey it takes from a tiny seed to the stunning arrangements gracing our tables. Our latest podcast episode delves into this fascinating process, taking you behind the scenes at Wildly Native Flower Farm. The episode artfully weaves together the stories and strategies that form the backbone of a successful flower farming operation. We start with the seed, a symbol of potential, and explore its transformation through stages of growth until it becomes a part of a dried bloom cycle or a whimsical wedding bouquet.

Farm Challenges

In our discussions, we reveal how the farm overcame challenges like mulching, eventually turning to fabric solutions that aligned with their goal of full-circle sustainability. By creatively utilizing every part of the plant, they strive to waste nothing, repurposing stems and petals into beautiful, resilient arrangements. It’s not just about growing flowers; it’s about growing a business that respects and celebrates nature’s cycles.

But there’s more to flowers than meets the eye. The intricacies of flower care, the handling of non-traditional materials like oasis moss, and the critical awareness of toxicity in bouquets are all part of the delicate balance that flower farmers must manage. We share the secrets of shipping, rehydrating, and reviving blooms—a knowledge that’s essential for maintaining the vibrancy of flowers as they travel from field to vase. This attention to detail ensures that the flowers remain safe and stunning for consumers year-round.

Trials and Triumps

The episode also digs deep into the economic soil of flower farming. Breaking into the wholesale market is no small feat, and we share firsthand the trials and triumphs encountered along the way. From the joy of surprise successes like sweet peas to the network of local growers that fortify the community, the business of blooms is both complex and rewarding. We also share a few chuckles over the occasional blunder, reminding listeners that even experts can mistake a weed for a crop.

Marketing and selling flowers present another bouquet of challenges and opportunities. The contrast between meticulous planning and spontaneous, learn-as-you-go approaches is discussed, highlighting the need for adaptability in this unpredictable field. Market research, scaling, and community involvement all play a part in the success of a flower farming business. The art of drying flowers to extend their shelf life transforms a perishable product into a lasting treasure, adding another layer to the farm’s creative offerings.

Petals & Profit of Flower Farm

Through our engaging conversation, we bring to light the beauty and the business of flower farming, inviting listeners to appreciate not only the aesthetic but also the entrepreneurial spirit that drives this industry. Join us as we explore the petals and profits in the world of flower farming—a true fusion of agriculture and artistry.

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